Advice For Organizing A Very Highly Effective Quiz Night

Exactly what is a quiz night?


A trivia night, or pub quiz, is ordinarily an informal contest where teams of 4-8 (6 is the ideal) spend a few hours in a pub figuring out who has the most useless, trivial knowledge. A quizmaster presents a quiz with 60 to one hundred questions, usually broken into categories of 10 questions. groups of questions may include sports, potpourri, science, history, geography and arts and literature. At the end of the event, the squad that has correctly answered the most quiz questions is the champion. The winning squad usually wins a small award, but more significantly, pride of being the champs!


How to lead a great quiz night


Find a location


The best location for a quiz night, in order of suitability:


A neighborhood pub or bar, but attempt to pick a night that is not busy. The pub will probably not let you run an event on a busy night, and the disturbance from the other patrons may disrupt your event.


A church building. Make sure there is an area that can accommodate the quantity of participants attending. If it's a large room, make sure you bring a mike and-or a public address system. You may also want to sell food and drink, just be sure to check with the local rules.


School hall. Same difficulties as hosting it at a church.

Promote your event.


Talk to the bar about advertising your event. If its on a night they are not crowded, they will welcome the extra customers and may put up posters advertising your event.


Some other ways to promote your event: Start a new meetup group related to trivia. People are always looking for quizzes and it's an inexpensive way to advertise your trivia night.


Facebook. Advertise on facebook targeting people who are interested in quizzes.Ask your friends! It's the best and cheapest way to get everyone interested in your event. Post a status update, tweet or use any way you can to promote it, just don't overdo it.


Spend time preparing some excellent questions. Anybody can randomly put together 50-100 questions for a trivia event, but to prepare effective questions that are not too simple, not too difficult and also interesting and entertaining, that takes time.! This is probably the most significant part of getting prepared for your event.


If you do not want to devote the hours preparing for this, you can obtain our trivia night product which includes:


70 questions divided into 7 sections. Some categories might include:


o Mixed bag (General Knowledge)


o Leisure and Sport (Food and Drink)


o Science (Anatomy)


o Picture Round (Cityscapes)


o Music (Country and Western)


o Literature (European Artists)


o Geography (Asian geography)


o Final Trivia Round


o Tie-breaking Question


o Rules


• An automated scoring sheet


• Handouts for the picture round


• Handouts for the answer sheets


• A step by step guide to using the kit




Most players who enjoy quizzes are not in it for the money, but it unquestionably makes your quiz night better. You can speak to the bar or restaurant about adding some gift certificates based on how many people you bring to the bar. You may also ask players to put up 2-5 dollars at the beginning of the event and use that for the prizes.


10 tips for running a successful trivia night:


1. Prepare questions of varying difficulty. The normal rule of thumb is for every 10 questions, give 3 easy, 3 hard and 4 someplace in the middle. Too many hard or too many simple questions will result in the players getting bored, or frustrated.


2. Have clear, and concise rules! Make sure all customers know all the rules before the trivia night starts. Clear rules will lead to a smooth quiz.


3. Take a short break halfway through the event. Your players will thank you for it.


4. Be entertaining! Try to throw in a joke or 2 throughout the event, or have fun with some of the questions.


5. Instead of grading the scores each round (This takes a lot of time!) have the teams do their own marking by passing the answer sheets around each round. It will save a LOT of time and it's a good deal less frustrating for the players.


6. Update the scoring each round. Utilize either a paper score sheet, or even easier, something that can go up on the big TV screen.


7. We all make errors. If you recognize one of your questions is incorrect, admit to it and give all groups full marks for that question. Have Google on standby to check while you are between questions if you have any doubt...


8. Prepare, prepare, prepare! It takes time to make an event run smoothly, but the more you are prepared, the better the event will be for everyone.


9. When giving out answer sheets at the outset of the trivia night, be sure to supply extra scrap paper for the teams, along with a pen or pencil.


10. HAVE A BLAST! If you have fun, the customers will have fun also and will likely come back for more!


We hope you value this article. If there is anything we can do to aid with your next trivia night, please let us know. We are

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